New Passenger Freighter Service to Caribbean, South America and Mexico

This is a 21-day (approx.) voyage from Houston. It is sold only as a round trip. No segment bookings are accepted.
As with most freighters, itinerary is subject to change.
Age limit: 6 / 99


Houston, Texas / USA
Altamira, Mexico
Veracruz, Mexico
Puerto Cortes, Honduras
Puerto Limón, Costa Rica
Cartagena, Colombia
Puerto Cabello, Venezuela
Port of Spain, Trinidad
Río Haina, Dominican Republic
Houston, Texas / USA

Rates start at $3366 Canadian per person.

4 thoughts on “New Passenger Freighter Service to Caribbean, South America and Mexico

  1. As a child I travelled to S. America on Grace Line freighters, and am interested in your S. America, Mexico, Caribbean News, Passenger Freighters.

  2. Information sent on voyages from New York to/from Brazil.
    This is the last product that allows one-ways!

  3. This itinerary has just been changed, dropping Houston.
    It will now sail about 30 days out of Manzanilla, Mexico and will be accepting segment bookings.
    We are expecting new pricing soon so please don’t hesitate to inquire. It will NOT land in the USA or Canada.


  4. I am a professional writer living in Mexico and I am interested in booking passage on a ship from a Mexican port to a central or South American port. Can you tell me what options exist for such travel.

    Thank you,

    Lyn Fuchs

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